We are looking for the NEXT ONE

who will captivate the world with the universal language of music.

You are the K-POP's NEXT NEW WAVE that will excite the world.

Application Period


Application Category

Singing, dancing, rapping & acting (You can apply for up to 2 fields)

Applicant Eligibility

Regardless of gender/age/nationality, with qualification to travel abroad

Application Contents

1. Self-introduction in Korean (For foreign nationals, please include self-introduction in your native language / head shot in a front + landscape mode)
2. Audition video that best shows your talents (You can choose multiple categories)(whole body + landscape mode / under 2 minutes and 30 seconds by category)
3. Contacts other than e-mail (SNS ID, phone number, various messenger IDs, etc.)

How to apply

Send an application email to audition@wake-one.com

Result Announcement

The results for the audition will be sent to the selected individuals only

Audition SNS

Frequently Asked

What are the qualifications to apply for the audition?

WAKEONE online audition has no restrictions on gender, age or nationality.

Is the audition open for all year-round application? 

You can apply at any time by sending an email to the official email address of Wakeone Audition (audition@wake-one.com) or DM to the Instagram (@wakeone.audition).

What do I need to send when applying for an audition?

1. Download and fill out the application form from our website (http://www.wake-one.com/audition)
2. A brief self-introduction video
3. A video within 2 minutes and 30 seconds showing your talents: singing/dancing/rapping/acting
You must submit all three files above to apply for an audition.

Can I edit the submitted audition application materials?

It is not possible to edit the application materials that have already been submitted.
If you need to update your materials, just send them to us again. 

Can I apply for multiple auditions?

You can reapply in the next month after you apply. (Limited to once per month)
However, if you update your application materials, you many apply again even within the same month. 

Will other people see my audition video?

Only the person in charge of WAKEONE Audition will see your application materials. 

Can I apply for the audition as a team?

You may apply as a team. 
Please prepare the application and videos and submit them as guided for individual applicants.

When will the audition results come out?

Notification of results takes about 1-3 weeks, and only successful applicants will be contacted.
We ask for your understanding. 

If I pass the online audition, do I become a trainee right away?

After passing the 1st audition, successful applicants will be notified individually.

For overseas residents, how does the 2nd audition proceed?

We will guide the next procedure individually to the successful applicants who passed the 1st audition. 

If I fail the audition, am I prohibited to apply again?

Even if you fail, you can apply again at any time. 

Where can I ask about details of the audition?

All inquiries can only be made by email (audition@wake-one.com).