We are looking for the NEXT ONE

who will captivate the world with the universal language of music.

You are the K-POP's NEXT NEW WAVE that will excite the world.

Application Period


Application Category

Singing, dancing, rapping & acting (You can apply for up to 2 fields)

Applicant Eligibility

Regardless of gender/age/nationality, with qualification to travel abroad

Application Contents
  1. Self-introduction in Korean (For foreign nationals, please include self-introduction in your native language / head shot in a front + landscape mode)
  2. Audition video that best shows your talents (You can choose multiple categories)(whole body + landscape mode / under 2 minutes and 30 seconds by category)
  3. Contacts other than e-mail (SNS ID, phone number, various messenger IDs, etc.)
How to apply

Send an application email to audition@wake-one.com

Result Announcement

The results for the audition will be sent to the selected individuals only